Block Design | Build

We are a family owned business based in Hadlyme, CT. Erik Block founded the company in 2003 and a few years later he was joined by his brother Haldan. Most recently their father John was added to the crew after a career as an automotive tech. We specialize in unique design and quality construction. We have the ability to handle all aspects of your construction project small or large. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of modern design as much as we enjoy honoring the past with traditional construction. We look forward to hearing from you as you start planning your next project. 

Our vision

We are dedicated to our craft. From the initial design inspiration to the completion of construction, we are wed to a project. From pencil on paper to chisel on beam our hands are busy building the future. Quality is our passion and is carried throughout our entire process. Our design is inspired by the vernacular architecture as well as modern movements and styles. Within this pool of knowledge, we incorporate our own unique ideas and processes. The confluence of these qualities and ideas ensures a completely unique finished product. Our specialty is creative design executed with quality construction. 

Our History

The Block family is an 8th generation Lyme family. This area is our home and we are reminded of this at every turn. The lower Connecticut River Valley is unmatched in its beauty and our goal is to keep it that way. This mindset is carried over into every aspect of our work. Our methods of design and construction intend to keep our work around for as long as our family has been. A close relationship to the Land Trust further ensures that the area will maintain its beauty and feel for generations to come. We are very close with the feeling of this area and this connection resounds in all of our projects. Our timber frame structures are built using the same methods as our forefathers and seamlessly mesh with the local design language. Our residential projects are constructed to the highest quality possible.