Two years ago we renovated the kitchen in the is beautiful 1790's home in Lyme. We used a unique approach when it came to the design. The kitchen consisted of reclaimed chestnut, steel face frames and off-black elements. We took a very similar approach to renovating the upstairs of the house. It is a very small space that was constrained by a 1980's update. We opened up walls and added some interior windows to make the space feel larger. In the center of it all is a large stone chimney that vents the three fireplaces downstairs. The chimney is now completely exposed on all sides. There is also an original staircase in the space that was unused. We opened up the access to the stairs and made them structurally sound again. We skinned the ceiling with reclaimed mushroom wood just like we did in the kitchen. We also trimmed all windows and openings in reclaimed chestnut wood. There is an incredible amount of character in this updated space.